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Posted by Martin Smith on 19 November 2013
by Martin Smith

I am 2 months into my teacher training now and oh what a difference a scholarship makes!  There are so many things to learn, experience and become accustomed to….

The school environment is very busy indeed.  I have children of my own, but to be responsible for up to 90 individual children a day, 5 days a week, is a whole different level – and as a trainee I am not even on a full teaching time table yet!  Being responsible for their education and wellbeing for an hour a day requires a lot of planning prior to the event, practice in delivery and instant thinking on when and how to keep them behaving and engaged in the things I am teaching them. The associated preparation certainly does eat up time, teaching is definatley not just a day job!

And that is not to mention the out of hours marking where personal feedback to every single student is vital to fuel their continual development. There is a lot of sacrifice involved in teaching.

Given the amount of work that is required and the time demands, I need to make sure that I have minimum distractions from my journey into teaching.  Obviously, as a father I have commitments to my family and household to keep everyone happy and I cannot and would not want to escape these.  However another less desirable form of distraction: financial ones are gladly being held to a minimum thanks to the BCS and the scholarship they awarded me.

The scholarship has really made a difference, on many levels.  It has meant that I can keep my family life disruptions caused by my training to a minimum.  Given the continuation of normal family life, I can put all my effort and concentration into being the best teacher that I can.  I am aware that in being the best I can be this will benefit my students as I can use more of my thinking time to provide engaging and challenging lessons for them.

Thanks to the scholarship I can make sure my focus is whole.  I can quite literally be a full time student while still providing for my family.

It has not escaped me that the BCS undoubtedly know that they are not only helping me and my family but the individual students too.  In effect, the BCS have bought me time, and that is something that no one can ever get back.  I am very privileged and grateful for the scholarship and I only hope that the scholarship they have invested in me will be paid back to Britain by the excellent work of my students in the years to come.  Given the speed at which technology is evolving I have no doubt that as long as I put the hard work in there will be some of my students who will become the people who develop and master the technologies of the future.

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