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Engineering conversion course pilot scheme – Invitation to bid for funding

by Academy Admin
New HEFCE funding to support the development of conversion courses in engineering, including engineering-related computer science, via a pilot scheme. This follows the announcement in the Government’s Science and Innovation Strategy published in December 2014 that HEFCE is to work with the engineering profession ‘to develop and pilot engineering conversion courses for non-engineering graduates’.

Computing in schools - an update

by Academy Admin
Just when it looked as though the teaching of computing in school would be cast aside, it will now be taught alongside physics, chemistry and biology. This success is down to the entire computing community working in collaboration with CAS and BCS, says Bill Mitchell, Director BCS Academy of Computing.

Academy updates

by Liz Bacon
Welcome to the new home for the BCS Academy of Computing. We have designed this site to support the Academy's main objective of fostering a community of scholars, researchers and professionals. With the launch of this new site I feel it is a good opportunity to reflect on the Academy’s achievements
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University of Hertfordshire - School direct - BCS Scholar - The story so far!

by Anna-Maria Kyriacou
I have been successful in obtaining a BCS scholarship and have now completed my first half term of my teacher training course. This is very different to what I have done in my previous role as Senior Systems Engineer working for a global media company, where I worked on some excellent projects and developed a portfolio of technical skills. Working for a global company meant that I had the opportunity to work with people from all around the world to complete interesting and challenging projects and to ensure that the company's systems where implemented and maintained to a high standard.

Get Into Teaching, BCS Scholarship

by Mansoor Rifai
I chose to go into teaching as it is one of the most challenging careers and at the same time it is both exciting and very rewarding. The chance to help and work with children, seeing them develop and progress throughout their education during secondary school into young responsible adults is a great opportunity.

Successful Journey towards BCS Scholarship

by Nidhi Vasudeva
My name is Nidhi Vasudeva, I have just began my PGCE at Brunel University. My aim is to become an effective computer science teacher who can enable students to develop the intellectual and mental abilities to learn new technologies of computer science and help them to shape their future and life choices.
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