Academic accreditation

Academic accreditation

by Academy Admin

The Institute has many responsibilities under its Royal Charter. One is to develop and maintain standards in educational qualifications that provide an appropriate foundation for those who wish to follow a career in computing or information systems.

As part of this responsibility, we undertake a programme of visits to universities and other higher education Institutions to review computing courses.

Courses are accredited for Chartered IT Professional (CITP), the Institute's own Chartered qualification.

Additionally, as a Nominated Body of the Engineering Council and the Science Council we are licensed to accredit courses at Chartered or Incorporated Engineer and Chartered Scientist level.


We are currently conducting a review of our degree course accreditation. Read more


During our visits to institutions our accreditation panels often find many examples of best practice. These range from the relationships institutions have with industry, providing employability skills and engaging with schools. We have created a comprehensive set of examples in order to share this best practice. They are categorised into the following sections:


The Seoul Accord recognises the substantial academic equivalence of accredited engineering education programmes. BCS was one of the founding signatories of the Accord. This means that programmes granted full CITP accreditation by BCS since 2008 will be recognised by other Accord signatories. This recognition is important for individuals entering the engineering profession in international territories covered by Seoul Accord signatories. It demonstrates an equivalence of their achievements and allows potential employers and professional institutions to benchmark standards.

Through our position as a Nominated Body with the Engineering Council, engineering-related programmes accredited by BCS are also recognised under the Washington and Sydney Accords. The Washington Accord mutually recognises engineering education accreditation processes at Chartered Engineer level. The Sydney Accord provides a mechanism for recognising engineering education accreditation processes at Incorporated Engineer level. Find out more about the Washington and Sydney Accords.

For further information about academic accreditation, please visit the BCS website.