Accreditation Committee

Academic Accreditation Committee

by Academy Admin

The Academic Accreditation Committee (AAC) is responsible for the accreditation of educational programmes and awards.

This accreditation provides entry points for professional membership of BCS, and Incorporated and Chartered status. As a licensed body of the Engineering Council and Science Council this includes Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer and Chartered Scientist in addition to the Institute’s own Chartered IT Professional status (CITP).

For an educational programme to be accredited, it must be shown to meet specific criteria established by the BCS. The AAC is invited by educational establishments to review their programmes of study against these published criteria. In conducting accreditation visits, AAC members are supported by a pool of trained assessors. AAC members and members of the pool of assessors are drawn from both academic and industrial roles.

Academic programmes that are deemed to meet the published criteria are accredited, which means that graduates of those programmes are entitled to enter the professional membership route at a specified point. Additionally, Incorporated or Chartered status can be achieved, subject to further criteria, on the basis of obtaining an accredited award.

In addition to conducting accreditation visits, the AAC regularly reviews both the processes and the criteria for accreditation. Such reviews are based on past experiences, current trends in computing and external requirements such as those stipulated by both the Engineering Council and the Science Council as well as the Quality Assurance Agency.


There are currently over 100 institutions that have accredited provision by the Institute. This amounts to approximately 400 programmes. Each year the AAC conducts accreditation visits to review approximately 235 programmes.

The AAC offers an annual training event for institutions who are about to undergo an accreditation visit in order to provide support and guidance.

Further detail on our academic activities can be found on our academic accreditation page.