Advice regarding referees

Advice regarding referees

by Academy Admin

Your referee will have to construct a reference that contains a number of points. Some statements are prescribed by your potential employing school, some are required by the Children Act and some may be imposed by your referee’s employer.

A well constructed reference contains statements about the following aspects:

  • Personal details: full name, current address/post code, telephone number, date-of-birth, email address
  • Declaration: PGCE award (at Masters level) plus recommended qualified teacher status or progress towards meeting the Professional Standards and expectation to graduate in… Declaration of the relationship between the candidate and the referee
  • a Children Act statement, such as:

I have known the candidate since September 20xx at the start of the PGCE teacher training programme; I am satisfied that the candidate is suitable to work with children; to my knowledge the candidate does not have an unsatisfactory sick record; the candidate is not and has not been subject to disciplinary procedures in the University; the candidate has not been subject to any allegations or concerns relating to the safety and welfare of children. 

  • academic background/degree, prior experience, other relevant qualifications. GCSE English/Mathematics equivalence status, has passed the QTS Skills tests
  • technical expertise (software, hardware, programming); additional experience/achievements
  • achievements on the course which are extra (PSHE certificate, First Aid certificate, awards for best…
  • commendations from your placement schools
  • school life (including extra responsibilities, experience and extracurricular)
  • post-16 experience/primary school experience
  • honest and trustworthy
  • punctual and reliable
  • perseverance and enthusiasm
  • this reference is provided in good faith but is given on the understanding that the training provider does not accept any liability in respect of the accuracy or completeness of the statements which it contains
  • the contents of this reference are private and confidential but may be shown to the subject of the reference

Remind your referee if there is a special reason that you are applying for the post or why this post is particularly suitable for you.

It is good practice that your referee shares with you the content of the reference giving you the opportunity to correct or enhance the statements made in the reference.

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