Application and selection process

Application and selection process

by Academy Admin

The awarding of our Scholarships is a competitive process. We have 120 to award and we want to make sure we are awarding them to the very best applicants.

Our application and selection process covers three stages. At each stage, your performance will be assessed and a decision made regarding progress to the next stage.

Stage 1 – Initial application

You will need to submit an online application telling us about your background and your achievements. The application is your opportunity to create a strong first impression. If your application is successful, extracts from it will be provided to our partner schools and employers. The application is therefore your opportunity to create a first impression for these partners too.

To help you complete your application, we have created a hints and tips document. You can also find more information on our How to apply page.

Stage 2 – School interview

Should your initial application be successful, we will arrange for you to be interviewed in one of our partner schools. You will be interviewed by teachers from that school, and you will also be required to lead a classroom activity with their pupils. We will not be assessing your teaching ability at that stage, but we do want to make sure you feel comfortable in front of an audience, can engage with the children and demonstrate your subject knowledge.

The school interview will assess:

  • Your understanding of school educational environments and current teaching practices.
  • Your ability to engage with pupils, through observing you leading classroom activities on the day of the interview.
  • Your familiarity with the Computing resources available to teachers, and with their potential for engaging pupils in the academic discipline of Computing.
  • Your leadership and management potential in the school context
  • Your potential for professionally-developing other schoolteachers in the future.
  • Your Computing subject knowledge (benchmarked against the recommended subject knowledge requirements published by the NCTL).

Stage 3 – Industry interview

We are working with a number of leading employers that are supporting our Scholarship scheme. If you are successful at the school interview stage, you'll be invited to an interview that will assess your potential professional competencies. We believe Computing teachers are IT professionals and that our Scholars should be future CAS Master Teachers.

The industry interview will assess your potential against the following competencies:

  • Autonomy;
  • Influence;
  • Complexity;
  • Business Skills;
  • Understanding of the technology sector and how this could relate to an educational environment.

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