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The Academy aims to nurture ingenuity, inventiveness and innovation in computing and it is through our range of awards, medals and lectures that we promote excellence in the creation, study and application of knowledge in computing.

Our mission is to strengthen ties between the academic community and professional practitioners by promoting mutual accessibility and an appreciation of the value and benefit of research in computing.  To support these aims we bestow awards that recognise significant achievements in computing.

We organise the following annual awards:

Roger Needham award

The Roger Needham award recognises distinguished research contributions in Computer Science.

Nominations for the 2015 Roger Needham award are open. Nominate here

The 2014 Roger Needham award winner is Dr Nataša Pržulj. Read the press release.

Lovelace medal

The Lovelace medal recognises outstanding contributions to the understanding or advancement of Computing.

Nominations for the 2015 Lovelace medal are now open. Nominate here

The 2014 Lovelace medal winner is Professor Steve Furber. Read the press release.

We also collaborate with CPHC on the following award:

Distinguished dissertations

Download our academic awards brochure

Recognising student's achievements

We have recently launched a new scheme to recognise technical innovation among computing students.

Innovation certification