Career opportunities

Career opportunities

by Academy Admin

Teaching in it's own right can be an immensely rewarding career. In addition, there are many pathways you might wish to take to develop your career further and the starting salaries are competitive.

Career options

Once you have qualified as a teacher you will have a number of potential career progression pathways to pursue. For example, you could gain further experience and take on a leadership role within a school – head of department, head of year. You could take responsibility for professionally developing other teachers or choose to specialise in things like special educational needs or pastoral care. This will depend on your interests and your abilities and there are schemes that can help you to rapidly progress.

"With my computing background and experience I felt that I could make a good computer science teacher" Anna-Maria Kyriacou, BCS teaching scholar. Read more


The government sets pay scales for teachers each year. Subject to your performance you may move up a step in the pay scales each year. If your level of experience and seniority changes you may move to a new pay scale. Newly qualified teachers will start on a minimum salary of around £22,000 (£27,500 for inner London). This could be more depending on your previous experience. More up to date information on salaries and benefits can be found at:

Further support

The Department for Education (DfE) runs a number of schemes designed to help teachers progress their careers. These range from developing senior leadership skills in challenging schools, professional qualifications for middle leadership and qualifying to become a headteacher among others. Visit the DfE website for more information:

Computing At School (CAS) is a national grassroots organisation made up of professionals with a passion for Computing education. Members of CAS include teachers, university academics, industry professionals, school governors and parents. It is a volunteer-led community and is organised into a number of regional hubs who meet on a regular basis. CAS also includes a vibrant online community that discusses and shares a wide range of resources and expertise. Currently CAS has over 7,000 members, over 1,000 online resources, 75 regional hubs and over 100 events each month. Membership of CAS is free and is a great way to network with other teachers and share experiences. Visit the CAS website:

Applying for teaching jobs

To support trainee teachers with applying for their first teaching jobs we have created a set of resources covering things such as completing application forms, writing personal statements and covering letters, planning sample lessons and interview techniques. More information