Case study - Sylvia Goldsmith

Case study - Sylvia Goldsmith

by Academy Admin

After a career break of 20 years, fifty three year old Sylvia Goldsmith is retraining to become a computing teacher. Having gained a scholarship from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT earlier this year, she is now studying at Roehampton University.

Sylvia’s reasons for re-training as a computing teacher are clear: “My aim is to inspire young people by showing them how interesting and fulfilling computing can be. Not only can techniques be applied to many areas of life and work, but on a technical level, many industry problems are caused by a lack of good analysis and design practices.”

Sylvia taught Analysis and Design in industry until her children were born. Originally from London, she moved to The Lizard in Cornwall when her children were small. In recent years she set up and run her own baking business - supplying goods to cafés, small businesses and farmers markets. She also worked as a volunteer, managing teams of teenage volunteer workers at music festivals.

Sylvia is looking forward to embarking on her new teaching career. She enjoys the company of teenagers and says she finds their openness and enthusiasm for life energising: “Teaching pupils with a range of abilities and backgrounds makes every day different and I relish the challenges this brings.”

She has extensive subject knowledge from a degree in Maths and Computer Science, four years spent building real-time embedded systems and a further ten years teaching and consulting in industry.  

Career History

In the 1980s Sylvia worked for Marconi Space and Defence as Programmer before progressing on to Project Management. 

Following that Sylvia was an Instructor and consultant (real-time systems analysis and design) for Yourdon International, London. She went on to become freelance and ran courses across Northern Europe. She wrote 'A Practical Guide to Real Time Systems Development' to support her courses – the publication was also used as a set text on a number of university courses.  

Sylvia has consulted on a variety of projects and has also delivered a paper to the IEE on the combined use of structured and formal methods in the development of safety critical systems.