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To apply you will need to:

  1. Have obtained, or to go on to obtain, a place on an ITT course leading to Computing / Computer Science initial QTS at Secondary level in England.
  2. Fulfil the BCS criteria for subject knowledge to qualify as a specialist Computing teacher. This will require you to possess either:
    1. a Computer Science (UCAS code G400) or Maths degree;
    2. another degree, and be engaged in a Computer Science Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course;
    3. a STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering / Maths) degree with significant Computing content - eg. Electronic Engineering;
    4. a non-STEM degree, and have extensive professional experience gained in a Computing industry - eg. you might be a History graduate who moved into a Computer Science career and now have several years of Computing experience behind you.
  3. Have a good academic record at university, meaning you:
    1. are likely to achieve a 1st, 2.1 or a 2:2 degree (your BCS Scholarship will be offered to you on condition of your achieving one of those grades);
    2. already possess a 1st, a 2:1 or a 2.2 degree;
    3. already possess an overseas degree with a grade that is recognised as equivalent to at least a 2:2 UK degree classification**.
  4. Have an excellent understanding of Computing at school level.
  5. Have an excellent ability to explain Computing ideas at school level.
  6. Illustrate an interest and commitment to education/teaching.
  7. Have the personal attributes to make you a good classroom teacher and manager.
  8. Have the potential, once qualified, to take a leadership role in developing the professional competencies of other school teachers.
  9. Have not previously applied for a Scholarship in the same academic year.


**If you have an overseas degree, you must be able to demonstrate that it is equivalent to at least a 2:2 UK classification. You may be able to have this verfied by NARIC. We also use an overseas degree comparison chart published by the DfE.

Once qualified and in a teaching post, we expect our scholars to become Master Teachers in a relatively short space of time. Master Teachers take responsibility for championing their subject and assisting with the professional development of other teachers. Our Scholarship application and selection process will help us to identify this potential among our applicants.

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Additional eligibility information

The eligibility criteria for these Scholarships match the Department for Education’s criteria for teacher-training bursary funding. In addition to the above, you will also need to meet the training bursary criteria. Click here for further details. We do not pay Scholarships to people receiving government bursaries.

Our Scholarships are not available to those wishing to follow salaried School Direct or Teach First teacher-training schemes. These ITT routes are employment-based schemes and are thus not eligible for Scholarship or bursary funding.

BCS Scholarships do not cover tuition fees, so you may need to check your eligibility to draw down a tuition-fee loan from the Student Loans Company.

You will need to be qualified as a home student in order to pay tuition fees via your training provider. For further details about meeting the criteria for qualifying as a home student, please visit the UKCISA website.

We recommend you to apply for your ITT course as early as possible, so that you can clarify any eligibility queries with your training provider.

For further details please refer to our FAQs page.