How Barefoot Computing works

How Barefoot Computing works

by Academy Admin

Teach-yourself computing resources

We will create user-friendly, online resources that allow primary schoolteachers to teach themselves the principles, concepts, techniques and methods of computer science in ways that are appropriate for key stage 1 & 2. Teachers will then be able to confidently exploit the wealth of classroom resources being provided by third parties, and also to become fully active members of the Barefoot Computing communities through Computing At School (CAS) and the Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science. These resources will cover the core areas of algorithms, data structures, programming, computer architectures, network communications and the internet as outlined in the NCTL guidance on essential computing subject knowledge for primary teachers.

Explore and experiment with interactive exemplars

The project will provide interactive, online key stage 1 & 2 computing exemplars that permit primary school teachers to explore and experiment with computing concepts and ideas. Such exemplars will be useful in assisting teachers to fully assimilate new concepts and then give them the confidence to start developing their own classroom materials.

Barefoot Geeks – feet on the street volunteer support

Expert volunteers, which we refer to as Barefoot Geeks, will be recruited and trained to run one-day workshops in primary schools to explain how the new computing resources can be used. We will use volunteers ranging from computing degree undergraduates, industry partners and individuals volunteering in their own time to act as Barefoot Geeks.

In-school workshops

We aim to engage teachers with the project resources via short intensive one day in-school workshops. These will be run by our Barefoot Geeks and provide an express introduction to computing and how to use the resources to enable self-directed learning. We will create workshop resources that Barefoot Geeks will use to teach the teachers basic computing subject knowledge. These will be integrated with the other Barefoot Computing resources and will provide all the materials necessary for a Barefoot Geek to run a short intensive workshop in collaboration with local schools.

Find out more on the Barefoot Computing website.