How to enter

How to enter

by Academy Admin

The 2017 CPHC/BCS Distinguished Dissertations competition will soon be open for submissions. 

Entry criteria

Any dissertation is eligible that is submitted for a doctorate in the British Isles in what is commonly understood as computer science. (Theses that are basically in some other discipline but that make use, even very extensive use, of computing will not be regarded as eligible.)  However, there is a limit of THREE dissertations per year per university, and one per research group within any university.

 To be considered, a dissertation should:

  • make a noteworthy contribution to the subject;
  • reach a high standard of exposition;
  • place its results clearly in the context of computer science as a whole;
  • enable a computer scientist with significantly different interests to grasp its essentials.

It is reasonable to submit a thesis to the scheme if it has all of the above qualities in good measure, and if it is comparable in standard with the top 10 per cent of dissertations in the subject. Long dissertations are not encouraged; if the main text is more than 80,000 words, there should be good justification.

Submission process

The submission should be made by the author's examiners, or by the Head of Department with the examiners' advice. The submitted version of the dissertation must be the final version after any required corrections have been made. The competition period for the 2017 competition is for theses accepted from 1 January 2016 until the closing date of 1 April 2017. A dissertation cannot be submitted to the competition more than once.

The submission, a single PDF file, should include:

  •  a URL from which the dissertation itself can be downloaded (not the dissertation itself);
  •  a justification, of about 300 words, by one of the examiners - preferably the external - explaining the dissertation's claim to distinction (against the criteria listed above);
  •  the name of the primary supervisor and the research group within the university to which the student was primarily affiliated;
  • an assurance that within the competition period the examiners have recommended to the author's institution that the doctorate should be awarded;
  • an indication of whether the dissertation is being considered for publication elsewhere; and
  • the names and contact details of three suggested reviewers, who must have confirmed that they are willing to provide a review. They must be independent of the supervision and examination of the thesis, and must not have a conflict of interest relation with either the author or the supervisor; in particular they must not be in the same Department as the nominated thesis, nor be recent coauthors of the author or supervisor.

 In addition the author's written agreement that their thesis may be considered for the Distinguished Dissertation competition should be emailed by the author to

Submissions should be made on-line via

The first author name submitted should be that of the thesis author; the individual submitting the nomination should list themselves as the second author. The title and abstract should be those of the thesis being nominated.

If any problems are experienced, or you have any questions, please email for assistance.

The deadline for submission is 1 April 2017.