Innovation certification

Innovation certification

by Academy Admin

The Academy has introduced a scheme to recognise technical innovation in individual student projects.

Individual student projects are a major component of undergraduate and post-graduate computing degree programmes. Employers often see them as a key indicator that demonstrates a student is worth recruiting. Some of the best student projects are solutions to real-world problems where the student has focused on outcomes that will be highly valued by the problem owners. Such projects often demonstrate excellent technological ingenuity, innovation and problem solving abilities, which are qualities much sort after by employers.

A difficulty for employers when recruiting graduates is that they are often faced with a vast number of student CVs and they would like to easily identify which student projects demonstrate innovation. We have therefore introduced the Certificate of Innovation Excellence in Individual Student Projects for such projects to give employers a simple quality assurance they can rely on.


By recognising these projects in a highly visible fashion through certification by a professional body: 

  • students will improve their employment prospects, 
  • employers will have greater assurance that students have the right high quality skills, and 
  • universities will gain greater recognition for working with industry and be seen to enhance students employability. 

Please see the following sections for more information:

Certification criteria

Project examples