Lovelace lecture

Lovelace lecture

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Past lectures

2017 Professor Andrew Blake 'Machines that (learn to) see'

2016 Professor Ross Anderson 'Are the real limits to scale a matter of science, or engineering, or of something else?'

2015 Professor Steve Furber 'Computers and Brains'

2014 Prof Samson Abramsky 'Contextual semantics'

2013 Grady Booch 'I think, therefore I am: Is the mind computable?'

2012 Dr Hermann Hauser 'Computer Architectures'

2011 Professor John Reynolds 'Making Program Logics Intelligible'

2010 Professor Yorick Wilks 'What will a companionable computational agent be like?'

2009 Maurice Perks (presented on behalf of Dr Tony Storey) 'The Sins of IT Projects and why they can fail'

2008 Dr Ann Copestake (dedicated to the memory of Karen Spärck Jones) 'What do we mean? Computational approaches to natural semantics'

2007 Sir Tim Berners-Lee 'Looking Back, Looking Forward'

2006 Professor Nick McKeown 'Internet Routers: Past, Present and Future'

2005 Professor Christopher M Bishop 'Machines that learn'

2004 Dr John E Warnock 'The Invention of PostScript and Acrobat'

Previous winners of the Lovelace medal have also included:

2002 Dr Ian Foster and Dr Carl Kesselman for their pioneering work in Grid technology

2001 Dr Douglas C Engelbart

2000 Linus Torvalds for his creation of LINUX

1998 Professor Michael Jackson and Mr Chris Burton