Microsoft Q&A

Microsoft Q&A

by Academy Admin

Microsoft are one of the many organisations involved in our teacher training scholarship scheme. Here, they tell us why.

Over the last three decades, Microsoft has consistently transformed the way that people live, work, play and connect through great technology. We are inspired every day by the genuine belief that we can change the world for the better. We are driving advances in cloud computing, developing new ways for people to interact with technology at home, at work and on the move, while transforming education and public services and supporting the UK economy.

Microsoft is a young company. We've been at the centre of the revolutionary changes that technology has brought to every aspect of our lives and we'll be at the centre of tomorrow's transformations. The best is yet to come.

Why did you get involved with the scholarship scheme?

We would love younger generations to be engaged during their educational years by computer science, and to be inspired by their teachers in this subject. An excellent teacher can have a profound effect (either positively or indeed in some cases negatively) on individuals, which leads to a strong influence on subject choices which are made at critical points during school. We are passionate about playing a part in helping selecting the very best people for these teaching roles, so that they can help positively shape and influence the choices being made by students at school, and change perceptions about computer science and our wider industry.

Why do you think it is important for industry to support education?

At Microsoft we are passionate about the fundamentals of computing and the creative and innovative elements of computing. We have worked successfully with the UK Government to make Computer Science the fourth science of the National Curriculum. The younger generations are the future, and it’s critical to our organisation that we are engaging with these people early on in their lives so that industry can attract and retain the very best talent for the future.

Has supporting our scholarship scheme been of value to your organisation?

We have enjoyed engaging with individuals who will be inspiring the future of society. It has been fantastic to work alongside other organisations to drive this programme together and achieve a common goal.

What advice would you give to our scholars?

Do not underestimate the part you are playing for the future of not only our industry, but the UK and society as a whole! Passion is key to your success. If you are driven and enthusiastic about inspiring the future generations, and have a genuine passion and interest in computer science and sharing your knowledge, then you will fly.