National Cipher Challenge

National Cipher Challenge

by Academy Admin

The Academy is pleased to sponsor the annual National Cipher Challenge. This nationwide online code breaking competition is designed to get young people excited about mathematics and computing.

The competition is organised by the University of Southampton and each year thousands of students from hundreds of schools participate. The competition is open to anyone in full time education, aged 18 and under. Each year the winners of the challenge are invited to a prize-giving event held at Bletchley Park. In addition to the Academy, others sponsors include IBM and GCHQ.

2014 competition

The 12th National Cipher Challenge prize-giving ceremony, sponsored by The BCS Academy of Computing, took place on 7 March 2014 at Bletchley Park.    

This code-breaking competition, organised by The University of Southampton, attracts thousands of students from hundreds of schools.  The competition is open to anyone in full time education, aged 18 and under and can be tackled by students in teams or on their own.

This year’s challenge was based on the story of a young talented artist named Sarah, whose skills have saved her from death, but have imprisoned her.

Winners and their guests, along with sponsors from GCHQ, Winton Capital Management, IBM and Trinity College Cambridge, enjoyed lunch in the drawing room.  

Prof. Graham Niblo, Head of Mathematical Sciences, University of Southampton, then welcomed them, as well as other guests to a presentation by Ben Sparks from ‘Think Maths’ entitled ‘Creation of Number’.

Prizes were then awarded to all the winners before going on tour of Bletchley Park.   

More information can be found on the National Cipher Challenge website.