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Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science

by Academy Admin

The Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science (NoE) is a national community of professional practice. This community is a partnership between schools, universities, IT employers and professional bodies. It is run by the Computing At School group (CAS), which itself is part of BCS. The NoE is funded through a DfE grant to BCS. 

January 2016 Update

Since the start of the NoE in the autumn of 2012 there have been a total of 56,676 instances of CPD provided to teachers, achieved with 15,843.6 hours of contact time. These have been provided by CAS Master Teachers, CAS university partners, CAS Hubs and through CAS conferences. CPD has been provided through formal training events, mentoring, coaching, peer observation of practice, and peer partnering with development of resources and assessment.

During the period September to November 2015 ten university based NoE regional centres across England have been established to consolidate and expand the network.

The two biggest headlines worth noting over this period are:

  • Impact: Teachers who receive CPD from the NoE report their confidence in teaching computing has increased on average by 88% (see Section 7 of the report to DfE listed below).
  • Reach: The NoE has doubled the level of activity during the autumn term compared to the same period last year (see Section 9 of the DfE report below, note this excludes any CPD that university NoE regional centres were already providing outside of the NoE).

These are extremely encouraging results, but they should be taken in the context of a Network that does not have anything like the capacity to reach all schools, and the huge gap that still remains in expertise across the computing teaching workforce in general. Plus which there is a huge shortfall in the number of computing teachers, which are not being replenished at a fast enough rate.

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The Network of Excellence is specifically supporting teachers in England. We are working with the Scottish Government and CAS Scotland on a similar project for teachers in Scotland. Read more about the PLAN C project.