Pre-application checklist

Pre-application checklist

by Academy Admin
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The following checklist has been created to help you to assess whether you are ready to apply for a BCS Scholarship. The application form cannot be saved midway through, so you are advised to ensure you are fully prepared before beginning your application.

To help you with your application, we have created a

 which you may find useful.

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  1. Have you already applied for an ITT course that leads to QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) at Secondary level? We strongly advise you to begin this process as soon as possible. If your initial Scholarship application is successful, you are likely to be asked this question during your school-based interview, because it demonstrates your commitment. You can apply for Computing / Computer Science ITT courses via the DfE's Get Into Teaching website.
  2. Do you have any school experience? This will be an advantage should you be selected for our school interview stage. This will also likely be a requirement in your securing a place on an ITT course. The Department for Education runs a school experience programme which can provide opportunities to spend some time in schools.
  3. Do you have a degree of at least a 2:2 classification or above? If not, do you have a Masters or PhD? Can you demonstrate strong subject knowledge and significant experience in a Computing-related role?
  4. Do you have the details of a suitable referee? If you have graduated within the past three years, an academic referee would be good to use. If not, then a recent employer who can verify your experience would be equally applicable.
  5. If you have a non-UK degree, can you demonstrate that it is equivalent to a UK 2:2 or above? We use the following Department for Education comparison chart to check for equivalencies. If you are unsure, you should apply for an ITT course and your provider will check your degree against their requirements. We can then liaise with them regarding the assessment of your degree. If you do have an overseas degree, please ensure you provide us with details of the actual grade / classification that you received, rather than what you feel / know is its equivalency in UK terms.
  6. Have you lived in the European Union for at least the last three years? You may not be eligible for a Scholarship if you cannot fulfil this requirement. If you are unsure, you should apply for an ITT course and your provider will conduct the necessary eligibility checks; if you manage to secure a place on an ITT course, we can then progress your Scholarship application. Please refer to our additional eligibility information for further details.
  7. Are you ready to take the Computer Science test? As part of the application form, you will need to complete a multiple-choice test consisting of fifteen questions. The questions are benchmarked against the recommended subject knowledge requirements for trainee Computing teachers. This test is not timed, but you should be aware that if you take too long your browser may time out or refresh itself.
  8. Will you be available for a school-based interview in the next three or four weeks? If your application is successful, you will be selected for an interview in a school near to you. We will liaise with you regarding dates and times, but you should expect it to be in line with the schedule below. Please check the interview dates section for more details on when you are likely to be interviewed.

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