Previous winners

Previous winners

by Academy Admin

The Distinguished Dissertations scheme has been running since 1990. Click the links below for details of some of the previous winners and runners-up.

Further details on all of our academic publications, including previous Distinguished Dissertation winners, can be found on our BCS bookshop site.

2016  Emanuele D'osualdo, University of Oxford

2015 Mark Batty, University of Cambridge

2014 Juan Reutter, University of Edinburgh

2013 Adam C. Pocock, University of Manchester

2012 Matthew Horridge, University of Manchester

2011 Daniel Greenfield, University of Cambridge

2010 Magnus O. Myreen, University of Cambridge

2009 Christophe Dubach, University of Edinburgh

2008 Talal Rahwan, University of Southampton

2007 Rajdeep Dash, University of Southampton

2006 Robert Fergus, University of Oxford

2005 Ryen White, University of Glasgow

2004 Gavin Brown, University of Birmingham

2003 Rhodri Huw Davies, University of Manchester

2002 Dr Ian Miguel, University of Edinburgh; Dr Timothy Kovacs, University of Birmingham; Dr David Capel, 2d3 Ltd

2001 Simon Colton, William Bainbridge, John MacCormick