Project examples

Project examples

by Academy Admin

The examples of projects provided on this page are not designed to be prescriptive but are included here to help illustrate what we define as technical innovation.

Projects that would meet the criteria

  • Detecting diabetes via neural net retinal scan image processing. Innovation: partitioning data sets of retinal scans with novel neural network. End product validated by NHS customer on real data-sets. 
  • 3D photo album. Innovation: OpenGl implementation of digital photos stacked in a user defined 3D configuration using bespoke scripting language (e.g. photos are assembled on a torus, dodecahedron, lattice depending on what the user defines) and transition between photos when they are viewed individually is a user defined animated flight path. End product validation provided by customer feedback after launching software as freeware application through Sourceforge.
  • Race condition detection in UML sequence diagrams. Innovation: software tool that synthesises discrete partial orders that capture asynchronous protocol event relationships from parsed UML diagrams, the tool implements race detection based on results published in academic research papers, the tool outputs race conditions in UML format understandable by practitioners such as state machines or sequence diagrams. End product validated on Motorola HSDPA protocol specification.

Projects that would not meet the criteria

  • e-commerce website for local shop, which consists of deploying an off the shelf LAMP stack incorporating a CMS that only requires configuring in order to implement a fully functioning system.
  • Straightforward extension of a previous project that was deemed to be of excellent quality.
  • Incremental improvement to a research project software tool developed by the project supervisor or their research team.
  • Brilliant but failed attempt to implement a truly ingenious algorithm.
  • Superb project that has no end customer independent from the project supervisor and their research group.