Sponsorship and bursaries

Sponsorship and bursaries

by Academy Admin

The Academy supports a number of computing-related activities arranged by organisations with similar goals.

This includes sponsoring events and competitions aimed at all levels of education. We are also occasionally able to provide bursaries to schools, colleges, and universities to fund computing-related education activities.

BCS teacher training scholarships

We are working with the Department for Education to promote computing teacher training. As part of this we are running a scheme to provide a number of scholarships that fund people whilst they are undergoing their teacher training. Find out more

Academy sponsored events

EPSRC ICT Pioneers. We are proud to be one of the lead sponsors of EPSRC's annual competition for PhD students. Find out more about our involvement with EPSRC ICT Pioneers.

National Cipher Challenge. We sponsor this annual schools competition organised by the University of Southampton. Find out more about the National Cipher Challenge.

Young Rewired State. We sponsor this annual coding competition for young people. Find out more about Young Rewired State.

BCS education bursary

In 2012 we were able to provide small grants to educational establishments to fund grassroots computing activities. Find out more about the BCS education bursaries.