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Starting your career in IT

by Academy Admin

Whether you are just starting out as a student, have graduated or are taking a vocational route into your IT career, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, can help and support you in your career planning and professional development.

Membership gives you access to valuable opportunities to stand out from the crowd and maximise your potential as you work towards Chartered status.

Being a BCS Student member - give yourself an advantage from the start

As a BCS Student member you can enjoy a range of benefits to aid your studies, including the latest news, reviews and networking opportunities. Access to market research material, to over 250 IT-related books and to over 9,000 IT-related journals and articles can prove invaluable studying resources. Exclusive and reliable resources such as these support research and broaden industry knowledge and understanding.

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'The specialist group meetings are a real chance to network with people who are doing the kind of work I hope to be doing myself, in a couple of years.' Festus U, student member

Building your early career - keeping the momentum going

As you embark on your career it’s important to maintain your learning momentum. Weekly email bulletins and our exclusive quarterly magazine, ITNOW, help you keep up to date with the latest industry news and opinion. The BCS Young Professionals Group (YPG) is dedicated to providing representation, services and support to all BCS members under the age of 35. 

As a member of BCS, you can ensure your early career stages include the opportunity to professionally thrive and flourish; helping you to make informed choices and exploit opportunities that give you a solid foundation for the future. At BCS we have a positive interest in supporting you by providing tools, opportunities and guidance for your continuing professional development (CPD). Recording these activities at this early stage can help you build a useful portfolio of CPD that can be used to help secure prime placements or commercial positions. You can eaily generate reports from your BCS Personal Development Plan to show your commitment to your personal CPD and professionalism.

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Academic staff - promoting BCS membership

To help you to promote BCS membership to your students we have created a video presentation. The video includes audio so it is a quick and easy solution for conveying who BCS is and what we do. Alternatively you can download the powerpoint slides.