Strategic information for schools

Strategic information for schools

by Academy Admin

In March 2012, we sent an information pack to every head teacher of a state-maintained Secondary school in England, in order to explain the strategic opportunities they would have from September 2012 to develop Computer Science as a rigorous academic component within a reformed ICT curriculum.

Identifying the right strategies to ensure success is of paramount importance. The supporting materials in the information pack provided comprehensive information to help head teachers and school governors make the right decisions. The key choices and actions were summarised in the covering letter to the information pack.

This page includes all the documents in that information pack and also provides a link to where schools can register an interest in joining the Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science.

Download a zipped file containing all the main documents in the information pack.

We also wrote to schools in Wales providing them with similar guidance materials. Details of the Welsh version of this strategic information pack

Network of Excellence now launched. Please visit the CAS website for details.

Contents of the information pack

  • Covering letter, explaining the key strategic choices and actions for schools to teach Computer Science
  • A summary of the Royal Society Report 'Computing in Schools: Shut down or restart?'
  • Computer Science as a schools subject, draws on the experience of the Computing At School group, explaining what Computer Science is and why it is strategically important. It begins with a four-page summary, followed by appendices that provide further background.
  • Computer Science - a curriculum for schools, is the CAS curriculum for Computer Science, mentioned by Mr Gove in his January BETT speech, written by a group of teachers, academics and industry researchers, and endorsed by BCS, Microsoft, Google and Intellect.
  • A curriculum framework for Computer Science and Information Technology. Computer Science is a crucial academic strand of school education, but a rounded education in Computational Thinking and digital systems is broader. This document puts the pieces together, covering what is currently called ICT.
  • Network of Computer Science Teaching Excellence. BCS and CAS have sought expressions of interest in joining a network of Computer Science teaching excellence, consisting of five hundred schools together with universities. Please read this document for more details.
  • As examples of the wealth of high-quality material that is available to support Computer Science teaching, we also enclosed a copy of the latest CAS newsletter, and a copy of the latest cs4fn magazine

More information on the Network of Excellence can be found on the CAS website.