Open access publishing

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One of the issues that we must all face in the near future is the move toward open access (OA) publication. The EPSRC (and other UK funding Councils) have stated that from next year all publicly funded research must be published in an OA form. It is possible that EU funded research will soon have the same requirement, and in the US research funded by NFS may have a similar requirement/restriction. It is even rumoured that the next REF (if there is one of course) may only count outputs (papers) that are available under open access.

What does open access data do for Computer Science?

by Academy Admin
There has been a lot of discussion around open access data recently. For example, issues of confidentiality, release for “public good” versus premature release and promotion of bad decision making, and costs of data curation have all been raised in the recent report “Open data dialogue” Report (TNS 2012). Nevertheless, several key principals have been identified including:

Kitemarks for degrees

by Academy Admin
Following the publication of the Wilson Review in early 2012 the notion of kitemarking degrees has been high on the political agenda, particularly for STEM subjects.
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