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Computing teacher training scholarships increased to £27,500 Applications open 01 November

by Becky Ross
BCS are pleased to announce an increase in the scholarship being awarded to graduates training to teach computing. Those students training to teach computing starting in the 2017 academic year can now apply for a computing scholarship from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT worth £27,500. It is hoped this increase will help attract the best and brightest graduates with the potential to becoming exceptional computing teachers.

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation partner with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT to strengthen Computing teaching within schools.

by Academy Admin
The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), previously known as Multimedia Development Corporation, and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, have just agreed a deal which will see one hundred teachers take the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching. Devised and implemented by Computing At School (CAS) and accredited by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, the certificate was launched in 2014 with seventy-seven teachers having obtained their certificate in the two years it has been running.
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University Partners Double Reach of CAS Network of Teaching Excellence

by Bill Mitchell
The Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science (NoE) is a national community of professional practice. This community is a partnership between schools, universities, IT employers and professional bodies. It is run by the Computing At School group (CAS), which itself if part of BCS. Thanks to funding from the Department for Education (DfE) the NoE now has ten university partners coordinating regional activity for the NoE.

BCS HCI 2017 Conference - Digital Make Believe

by Michelle Marshall
The BCS HCI 2017 conference theme is digital make-believe. Make-believe refers to our expansive, “what-if” thinking typical of HCI and is pervasive. For example, we make-believe when we design innovative technology; we make-believe when we immerse ourselves in a computer game or virtual world; and we make-believe when we evaluate and refine new technology by imagining ourselves using it.
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The latest updates from the Academy

UK Computer Science and Engineering post Brexit

by Bill Mitchell
The UK has always thrived as an international trading nation and global leader in science and engineering. As we leave the EU we need to ensure we have the right support in place for our science and engineering education and research ecosystem if we are to continue to succeed in a global economy.
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