QuickStart Computing

QuickStart Computing

by Academy Admin

The CAS QuickStart project is developing a Computing CPD toolkit for teachers, which is funded by the Department for Education and Microsoft and is free to all teachers.

The QuickStart Computing resources are now available to download for free from the QuickStart website

QuickStart will provide teachers with the resources necessary to put together a CPD course tailored to their own school that covers:

  • Getting started with the new curriculum
  • A road map for managing the transition to Computing from ICT
  • Teaching Computing in the classroom
  • How to create innovative classroom teaching resources
  • Assessment and progression 
  • Essential Computing subject knowledge for primary teachers (which may also be useful for secondary teachers)

The purpose of the QuickStart project is to provide a teacher with the resources necessary to successfully run a Computing CPD course for their colleagues. The aim of the course is to help teachers design, develop and deliver the computing curriculum tailored to the specific needs of their school. 

The CPD course is split into two parts, one focused on primary and one focused on secondary, although teachers may well find both are useful for them and both are free for teachers in primary and secondary. 

Hard copies of the QuickStart toolkit will also be distributed for free through local CAS Hubs across England, and also through CAS Lead Schools and universities in the CAS Network of Excellence. In total 40,000 free hard copies of the QuickStart resources will be distributed throughout England, including printed materials and a DVD containing all the resources as well as videos covering the main CPD topics. Note digital copies of all the resources are freely available to download for teachers anywhere in the UK.

Download our computational thinking framework.

For primary teachers the CPD pack will work best if they also register for the Barefoot Computing resources http://barefootcas.org.uk/. These are funded by the Department for Education and are entirely free for teachers. They provide a rich set of exemplary computer science materials for primary school, which also help to improve learning in English and maths as well as other subjects like science and history.