Teach computing

Teach Computing

by Academy Admin

Computing is vitally important to the UK’s educational and economic development. It has become crucial to the advancement of science, engineering and technology in the 21st century.

Computing touches virtually every aspect of our lives: from healthcare to research in particle physics, from mapping the human genome to e-commerce and cyber security. This is why, at school, everyone should learn how digital technology works and be given the opportunity to become tomorrow’s technology inventors and entrepreneurs. 

Being at the forefront of technological developments and driving digital innovation will ensure the UK remains a technology leader in the ongoing digital revolution. Ensuring our young people have the opportunity to be a part of this revolution is vital, and specialist Computing teachers are central to making this happen. You could play an essential role by passing on your knowledge, inspiring generations to come.

"I have no doubt that, as long as I put the hard work in, there will be some of my students who will become the people who develop and master the technologies of the future" Martin Smith, BCS teaching Scholar.  Read more

A teaching career presents a number of opportunities for development and progression and there is a variety of teacher training routes. Funding support may also be available to support you whilst you are training.

Whether you have yet to graduate, have recently graduated or are considering a change of career, we urge you to think about teaching. If you relish the idea of inspiring people, of fostering innovation and creativity, and of helping others to realise their potential, then you will find teaching a very rewarding career.